Friday, April 17, 2009

Record Store Day!

April 18th is Record Store Day!

I'm sure very little coaxing is necessary to get ye Lake Effectors to go out and feed your vinyl addiction, therefore I invite, nay, challenge you to support your local record stores tomorrow!

Bonus challenge - Report back on Monday and tell us what you bought.


Tony B. said...

Well I bought ...

A copy of a obscure later-period Love record for way too much money from reckless ($24!)

It *is* old though, and seems to have like 3 good songs on it including the One Track he did with Hendrix.

So there's that.

Simo said...

Graham Central Station
Silver Jews
Sammy Davis Jr.

quickdraw said...

PS - that Graham Central Station record is pretty sweet.

rkwasman said...

Soft machine(1st album)diferrent coverProcol harum-homePaul simon-S/T(my 3rd copy)Department of eaglesRandy newman-born againOhio express-1st(MONO)Blondie 1st albumFamily-bandstandJohn mclaughlin-my goals beyond(2nd copy)Record store day dylan 7"

rkwasman said...

Soft machine(1st album)diferrent cover
Procol harum-home
Paul simon-S/T(my 3rd copy)Department of eagles
Randy newman-born again
Ohio express-1st(MONO)Blondie 1st album
John mclaughlin-my goals beyond(2nd copy)
Record store day dylan 7"

First post came out all formated wrong,damn crackberry!

Simo said...

Make Way for Kwas! Great to see you do a post, will ya?