Monday, August 31, 2009

What Has Seven Arms And Sucks?


Man kicked out of concert starts nearby field on fire

In a display of pyrotechnics likely not in the concert plan, a 28-year-old Logan man was arrested after police said he started a field fire outside the Usana Amphitheater during the Def Leppard show Tuesday.

The man had been kicked out of the concert venue at 5150 S. 6055 West because he was intoxicated and spilling beer on patrons, said West Valley City police Sgt. Tom McLachlan. He sneaked back in but was caught and put in a taxi to go home. But he came back a second time.

Instead of trying to re-enter the show, however, he went to a field just west of the amphitheater and started a fire, McLachlan said. The fire truck could not immediately reach the flames because the concertgoers were leaving the show, according to a jail booking statement. The fire burned a 30-by 50-foot patch before it was extinguished.


Surprisingly good comments from SLC Trib readers.

Thursday, August 27, 2009


Its remarkable that Ryan Schreiber looks like a normal human being these days (see QD's post), rather than like Bill Haverchuck from Freaks and Geeks, as he did when when I "worked" with him.

Unabashed 'Fork bashing

Tearing apart Pitchforks Top 500 tracks of the 2000's list. Admittedly, this guy comes off sounding a bit dim at times, but it's still a fun read.


Upside-Down Celebrities.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Ebert reaches 30 years of sobriety

...and writes about it here. It's a bit lengthy, but well-written and pretty interesting.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Good Luck Biche!

Our little boy Biche starts law school today. Let's wish him luck (and say goodbye to his soul).

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Friday Freestyle

It's the freakin' weekend. Let's get loose.

Naming Contest!

no, not him (Lou Stash, of course), the event!

We need a moniker for the Halloween Cabaret, our annual ten band as ten other bands event confirmed this year for Saturday, October 31 at Silvies.

"Halloween Cabaret" and "Rock and Roll Masquerade" both seem a bit bland. We need something short and catchy that we can use year after year.
Please post ideas in the comments.

This year is shaping up! Though no idenitities have yet been announced, The Poncy Lads, Heavy Boxes, Que Rico, Mean Ohio, Nick Markos Explosion, and Hayward are already confirmed. Only three spots remain

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

The First Time Rick Pitino Has Ever Been The Second Biggest Scumbag In A Story

Louisville coach Rick Pitino told police that he had consensual sex with and paid for an abortion for the woman who has been charged with trying to extort him, the Louisville Courier-Journal reported on Tuesday.

Karen Cunagin Sypher was federally charged in April with demanding cars, tuition for her children and finally $10 million. Police interviewed Pitino, who is married, regarding the incident last month, and according to the newspaper, he said that he gave the woman $3,000 to have an abortion.

Police records obtained by the Courier-Journal show that Pitino said he had sex with the then Karen Cunagin at a Louisville restaurant where he had been drinking on Aug. 1, 2003. He denied Cunagin Sypher's allegations that he raped her at the restaurant and then again later at a different location.

Pitino told police that Cunagin Sypher called him about two weeks after the initial encounter and said that she was pregnant. They arranged to meet at the condominium of Louisville strength coach Tim Sypher, whom she did not know at that time but would later marry.

According to the police report, Pitino said Cunagin Sypher had decided to get an abortion but claimed to not have health insurance. Pitino then gave her the $3,000. He told police that the two did not have sex at the condo or at any other location.

According to the report, Cunagin Sypher married Tim Sypher about six months later and, though she saw Pitino at team events, he claims there was never "any strange behavior." Cunagin Sypher and Tim Sypher are now estranged and divorce proceedings have been initiated.

The criminal complaint said Tim Sypher brought Pitino a written list of demands from his wife, including college tuition for her children, two cars, money to pay off her house and $3,000 per month. The demands later escalated to $10 million, the complaint said. Tim Sypher has not been charged in the case.

Cunagin Sypher reported the alleged rapes on July 9, about two months after she was indicted for extortion and lying to the FBI.

Pitino's lawyer, Steve Pence, said the story is about Cunagin Sypher and not his client.

"Karen Sypher is indicted for extortion," Pence said. "The commonwealth's attorney has said she is void of any credibility on these 6-year-old allegations she has made."

University sports information director Kenny Klein said Pitino was in his office on Tuesday, but directed all inquires to Pence.

Sgt. Andy Abbott, the commander of the police department's sex offense unit, asked Cunagin Sypher during one interview why she waited until after she was indicted on the extortion charge to report her allegations.

She gave varying answers, according to transcripts, saying she wanted to forget about it, then that Pitino threatened her and finally that "they kept throwing crumbs to keep me happy." She didn't say what they were, the newspaper reported.

Abbott asked Cunagin Sypher in the interview why she was coming forward now, only after she was charged.

"Because ... where we are, it seems like retaliation," Abbott said.

"I know it does," Cunagin Sypher responded.

In addition, Cunagin Sypher did not disclose that there was a witness to the event at the restaurant, Vinnie Tatum, an executive assistant to Pitino. According to Abbott's report, Tatum said he didn't see what happened but heard "only the sounds of two people that seemed to be enjoying themselves during a sexual encounter."

Louisville commonwealth's attorney David Stengel declined to prosecute the case in July.

The newspaper obtained the records under the Kentucky Open Records Act.

Louisville University president James Ramsey said his thoughts were with Pitino and his family.

"Several months ago Coach Pitino informed me about the alleged extortion attempt. I've now been informed that there may be other details which, if true, I find surprising," he said in a statement.

Neither Cunagin Sypher nor her attorney, James Earhart, immediately return calls from The Associated Press seeking comment.

Almost Pimps

Make Your Own Headlline Competition

Steven Tyler bites it in South Dakota. He broke his shoulder. Face.

Please submit your headlines for this post....

Monday, August 10, 2009


(Please enlarge to read the sign)

Photos from the Gathering of the Juggalos. We shoulda gone, my ninjas.

Lou Reed at Lollapalooza

Ok Eric, in an effort to write less sloppy and uninformed concert reviews, I will present only the facts for your consideration

1. He started 15 minutes late
2. He read the lyrics from a teleprompter
3. His set list was:

Sweet Jane
Senselessly Cruel
Dirty Boulevard
Waves of Fear
Paranoia Key Of E
I'm Waiting for the Man
Walk on the Wild Side

4. He called stagehands onto the stage an average of 2.8 times per song...once to remove a guitar stand that was in his way.

5. His only comment to the crowd during the set was "Bark like a dog!". He did introduce the band at the end.

6. He yelled at his band memebers an avaerage of 3.2 times per song. One time he yelled at the drummer for doing the big song finish on the cymbals instead of the floor toms- he waved his arms and pointed until he switched.

7. The first lead guitar line came 42 minutes into the set.

8. The first "free Jazz Hawk-squat" style sax solo came 1.3 minutes into the set.
SUBJECTIVE DISCLAMER: The sax player was truly f*cking awsesome.

9. The sax player missed the cue for the signature solo at the end of "Take a Walk on the Wild Side"

10. Lou sang "and the Guhh-hurls go" instead and "and the colored girls go"

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Those Are Some Seriously Middlebrow Chicken Strips

To my surprise and relief, the music for this commercial was NOT written by Jon Brion. Whoever did it obviously didn't get the memo that ripping him off is MY territory.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Heavy Boxes Highlights

Here are some clips from the Heavy Boxes set this past Saturday. They were terrific as always and easily held the audience's rapt attention for a 45 minute set at nearly 1 AM.

Highlights from Universal Studios

found this here: (my OTHER favorite blog)