Sunday, May 24, 2009

Summer Gold '09

The sequel to last year's smash hit compilation.

Turn it up and rip off the knob!!


Simo said...

I'm Winning by Santana and Lady by Little River Band are both strokes of genius.

Simo said...

Suggestions for Volume three:
"Think About Me"-Fleetwood mac"
"City of New Orleans" Arlo Guthrie
"While You See A Chance"-Steve Winwood
"Summer Wine" Nancy Sinatra and Lee Hazelwood
"I can See Clearly Now"-Johnny Nash
"Sister Golden Hair"-America

quickdraw said...

Good stuff, Alvy. As I recall, "Sister Golden Hair" was on the previous volume of Summer Hitz, no?

Alvy said...

"Sister Golden Hair" is indeed on Volume I.

And "I Can See Clearly Now" was removed at the last minute when Luke said it was too obvious.

Tony B. said...

Man! Honestly I was just (while on vacation) thinking ... will there be another Summer Hits collection?

Except, the link has expired. Serves me right (see above.)