Sunday, January 17, 2010

"My Names Feather McGaw"

So, I got this email today on Facebook. Here's what it says:
"Who is your mother & father? I bet they lived on Lacy Rd in Fitchburg, Wisc. If we are related, then I'm suprised one of my cousins named their daughter Heather. My Names Feather McGaw, I lived in Madison & Fitchburg for many years. I now live in San Antonio, TX."
I mean, it has to be a joke (I certainly laughed out loud when I read it) but what the hell is the point? Do they want me to get excited about the possibility of finding a long-lost 2nd cousin named Feather only to crush my excitement later? Is she going to ask me for my bank account so that she can "send me that inheritance money" that's been sitting around waiting for me all these years? I'm intrigued.


Alvy said...

That's almost as weird as that Nigerian banker who wants me to hold some money for him! I think his name was Blavid Singer.

Tony B. said...

Drunk facebooking?

ekm said...