Wednesday, December 10, 2008

A price we can afford

Based on more bored perusal of the gov'ts case, I believe we can get rid of Blago for a lousy $250,000, probably less if we bargain hard.

In the documents, among many other wonderful things he says he 'does not want to be Governor for the next two years.”' and "... that he is interested in making $250,000" [a year].

That is just 2 cents for every person in illinois, for each year we pay him not to be the governor!

Round up to only adult taxpayers and it's probably still under a dime. After a year or so, he'll likely be in jail ... and we'll get the use of that dime back.

So he wants out, and his price isn't bleeping bad. Totally worth it.


quickdraw said...

I'll give a bleeping quarter!

Simo said...

excellent use of "bleeping"

Alvy said...

how about we just pay .5 cents each to keep him incarcerated for a decade?