Monday, January 5, 2009

Enough Already

The band that made my favorite record last year also played my favorite show last year, and during said show may have singlehandedly revived the ironic cover. You be the judge:

When I got home, I said to Eva: "They played a great version of this cheesy old song, you know it goes like this (hums a fraction of the verse)".

She said: "Oh sure, you mean The Outfield?"

Proving again that my wife is the GREATEST NAME THAT TUNE CONTESTANT OF ALL TIME.


Crescent said...

Not that I'm doubting the Diva's skills because they are OUTLANDISH but I'm surprised you didn't know that one right away, Mr. Favid.

ekm said...

I really want to like Bon Iver. Alvy, whom I rely on for my entire music catalog post-2002, adores the guy/band/whatever. But when I hear this music I become very, very tired and suddenly in need of a nap or a latte or both. And when I heard him on NPR the other day discussing his new "experimental" EP, they played a song that used Auto Tune in some unconventional way that made his voice sound like an obnoxious robot and that pretty much did it for me.

fanniepak said...

I resisted being bullied into going to this show last year and received a thorough thrashing for it...

Had I known you had been there, Alvy, I might have considered it.

Alvy said...

Ok, first of all, you people are fucking INSANE. Ten years from now, when Animal Collective are back folding t-shirts at Urban Outfitters and considering grad school, people will still be listening to this perfect, perfect record. I guarantee it.

I will say that the new song you refer to, "Woods", is fairly wack.

The rest of that EP is aces, though.

Don't sleep!