Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Good Morning, Mr. President

Taken in the Oval Office on the evening of January 20th. A letter from George W. Bush to President Obama waits to be opened.


Crescent said...

I bet it says:

"He B.O.! hahahahahahahah B.O! Get it!?? Anyway, the bottom left dreawer stickz.

Stay sweat,

Alvy said...

"Hope you do a heckuva job, brownie!"

Tony B. said...

Really? Just two comments?

Our most recent Long National Nightmare has actually ended (or at least changed) and that's all we get?

Excuse me while I lean too close to you from my barstool here - but I hope everyone enjoyed the moment - cause it was grand, and G.W. what's-his-face is finally, irrevocably gone - and hell, the new guy ain't half bad!


Ahem. Sorry, i'll go back to my beer now.