Sunday, February 15, 2009

Simo and Tony B.'s Uke Round-Up

Our one year Anniversary show this past Saturday wildly exceded our expectations! Inexplicably, by our 9:00 PM start time the place was packed to the back like the Lads on Halloween, with new faces outnumbering familiar 2 to 1. It stayed that way for 17 acts over 4 solid hours, including everything from Hank Williams and Sam Cooke to Joy Division, Iggy Pop, and Nine Inch Nails. David and Eva, we missed our early show anchors and hope you're feeling better Eva! In addition to our usual favorites we had lots of new acts like Jaques Hammer & Wanda Drug, The Poison Darts, Mark Janka, The Elvis Twins, and Heather Smith, who gave us a terrific set of Fiona Apple style originals. As usual, Heavy Boxes and The Sure Bet Quartet(formerly Teachers Gone Wild) both killed it, and Tim & Jane brought the house down with their version of Closer (see below)

Here are some selections for you:

Also, after eluding me for the better part of a year, C. Everett Uke's resemblance to our own Shanghai Shecky dropped on me mid song like a ton of bricks.


Tony B. said...

When you watch Closer (and you should) keep an eye out for Tim's mic-swing - moments before his big vocal part. Classic.

Also note my parents left immediately after this song ended (it was late.)


Alvy said...

SO sorry we missed it. Nice work everybody.

the developher said...

Simo, that IS Adelstein! Obviously he's been showing up all year pretending to be "uke guy". It's very clever and it really shows how much he cares about us.

the developher said...

Tremendous highlights! Tim and Jane - surprising and amazing as always.

Heavy boxes - once AGAIN doing a song I love.

Heather and Mike - I still miss the Ricos but, you guys are adorable and I love that song.

We will make our triumphant uke return a the next show:)