Thursday, February 12, 2009

Vote: Is It A Bit?

It starts out funny, then it gets annoying, then it gets funnier again when Letterman gets pissed. What do you think - is Joaquin messed up on the drugs, or is it some clumsy attempt at a meta-conversation about the absurdity of celebrity culture? Either way, I was rooting for Letterman.

Joaquin's Val Kilmer-as-Jim Morrison vibe is off the charts.


quickdraw said...

No one could pull that off as well as Letterman. "Sorry Joaquin couldn't be here tonight". Classic! I'm voting for either drugs or depression...he gave absolutely no sign of putting up a front. Nutty!

Tony B. said...

But at the very end (at least last night) he took off his sunglasses and shook daves hand ... as if to say: "All in good fun, then, eh?"

But his mumbling and seeming inability to speak was truly insane. I don't know enough about either drugs or fame to know ... can I choose both?

Crescent said...

I have read that it is, indeed, a bit. Casey Affleck (his brother in law) is making a doc(moc)about actors taking themselves too seriously but it's all just a really committed bit. I believe that.

Tony B. said...

Gawker says: "both", too.

Good enough for me!

Shanghai Shecky said...

i believe it's a bit, but that he's fucked up too.

p.s. it's a lousy bit.