Thursday, June 4, 2009

Birthday Caption Contest

C'mon now... let's do it up right for Ms. Magee.


solucien said...

I just think it's interesting that you would park in this parking lot when we live in L.A. and it's always beautiful outside.

Simo said...

did you lose the keys AH-Whatt?

the developher said...

I told you to go to the bathroom before we left.


Shanghai Shecky said...

and another thing . . . i'll slit you're fucking throat, is what. pffff. for realz.

you rule my tits.

Biche said...

you know what thinks it's cute, but is really an asshole? fluorescent lights. and brendan! don't fucking forget brendan.

can we PLEASE go get a steak burrito now?!?

powers said...

"do you know how embarrassing it is to constantly be seen with that guy who pretends he is a rockefeller and stole his step daughter? You're not even german!"