Thursday, August 13, 2009

Naming Contest!

no, not him (Lou Stash, of course), the event!

We need a moniker for the Halloween Cabaret, our annual ten band as ten other bands event confirmed this year for Saturday, October 31 at Silvies.

"Halloween Cabaret" and "Rock and Roll Masquerade" both seem a bit bland. We need something short and catchy that we can use year after year.
Please post ideas in the comments.

This year is shaping up! Though no idenitities have yet been announced, The Poncy Lads, Heavy Boxes, Que Rico, Mean Ohio, Nick Markos Explosion, and Hayward are already confirmed. Only three spots remain


Jimmy Swingset said...

Haunted Pitchfork Music Festival?

Jimmy Swingset said...

p.s.- My band is in.

Crescent said...


All Hallow's Groove

Fright Fest (Then Six Flags will sue you)

Alvy said...

Kid Million is IN like a muh.

I nominate: "The Exquisite Corpse Ball"

Biche said...




South By Southdeath

Identity Theft Rocks

Scary Sylvie's

Fear and Loathing at Sylvie's

Nightmare on Irving

Biche said...

Oh yeah...

Night of the $14 Jack and Coke

Biche said...

one last one - Boonaroo?

(too inside?)

Tony B. said...

You had me at "$14 Jack and coke".