Monday, August 10, 2009

Lou Reed at Lollapalooza

Ok Eric, in an effort to write less sloppy and uninformed concert reviews, I will present only the facts for your consideration

1. He started 15 minutes late
2. He read the lyrics from a teleprompter
3. His set list was:

Sweet Jane
Senselessly Cruel
Dirty Boulevard
Waves of Fear
Paranoia Key Of E
I'm Waiting for the Man
Walk on the Wild Side

4. He called stagehands onto the stage an average of 2.8 times per song...once to remove a guitar stand that was in his way.

5. His only comment to the crowd during the set was "Bark like a dog!". He did introduce the band at the end.

6. He yelled at his band memebers an avaerage of 3.2 times per song. One time he yelled at the drummer for doing the big song finish on the cymbals instead of the floor toms- he waved his arms and pointed until he switched.

7. The first lead guitar line came 42 minutes into the set.

8. The first "free Jazz Hawk-squat" style sax solo came 1.3 minutes into the set.
SUBJECTIVE DISCLAMER: The sax player was truly f*cking awsesome.

9. The sax player missed the cue for the signature solo at the end of "Take a Walk on the Wild Side"

10. Lou sang "and the Guhh-hurls go" instead and "and the colored girls go"


Biche said...

That is the [censored] review I've ever {deleted] heard.

Great blog, guys.



quickdraw said...

Simo, is this the only sax in rock you've ever endorsed?

Tony B. said...

Noted: Way more controversy was caused by Jackson Browne ... than Lou Reed.