Friday, September 4, 2009


Headline Story on AOL tonight!

Searching for the Perfect Genes

By Kimberly Papa Wolfson

Choosing the biological father of your child from a catalog filled with statistics ranging from eye color to ethnicity can make an intensely personal decision seem awfully impersonal. In hopes of helping clients feel more of a connection with a potential donor, Los Angeles-based California Cryobank has developed a new service called Donor Look-a-Likes, which allows women to search for potential daddies based on which celebrities they most closely resemble.

“The toughest thing to do when choosing a donor is to make a personal connection,” says Scott Brown, California Cryobank’s communications manager. “It’s easy to look at stats like eye color, hair, religion, ethnicity, and height, but without a tangible person to see it is difficult to emotionally invest in a donor. Because we can’t provide photos of the donors themselves, this is a way for clients to connect and for us to personalize the experience and give them a better idea of what the donor looks like.”

The service, which the company launched several weeks ago, has quickly become a huge draw for heterosexual couples, single women and lesbian couples looking for donors. California Cryobank has received 300 percent more inquiries since debuting Donor Look-a-Likes.

So which famous faces are the most popular among popular for donor-searching moms? “Fast and Furious” hottie Paul Walker (shown above) is the most searched, followed "Heroes" star Greg Gruberg, Scott Caan, Ben Affleck and "Private Practice" actor Paul Adelstein.

UPDATE: On their website, Paul is listed between Paul Bettany and Pau Gasol.


Shanghai Shecky said...

what could possibly be said.

ekm said...

Is that flattering or gross? I guess both.

quickdraw said...

Definitely both! Congrats, I guess.

Shanghai Shecky said...

thank you (?)

Biche said...

I mean, ladies been wanting sperms like Paul's since the late 80's, right?

Also, apropos of the byline, who gives their daughter the middle name "Papa"?

Biche said...

Just a follow-up, here is the first Google result for "celebrity sperm bank", which is what Google suggested after I typed "celebrity sperm" to check on any updates to this Breaking News (note: I will not, nor have I ever, set up an RSS for "celebrity sperm").

Being the 70's, it was a hoax, rather than the 00's version, when we've learned that real things are far funnier than fake things.

don't miss the 1) ransom note 2) auction cancellation notice, or 3) article from Ms. magazine, all linked at the bottom.