Sunday, November 1, 2009

Exquisite Corpse Ball Recap Pt. 1

Simo and the 'bots get photobombed by Alvy

I know I'm prone to hyperbole, but last night's show at Silvies was sick. Building on the inaugural show's foundation, this year's acts raised the bar by presenting a show mixing full blown concept pieces, accomplished playing, and bizarro antics. This is part 1. in a two part toast, chock full of vidja for lads and lasses who couldn't be with us this year, but will be next, right?

Nick Markos and Bee kicked of the evening as U2 with a great sounding career-spanning set of tunes, one rehearsal and pre-show threat level orange alerts notwithstanding. Sadly, my video of this set is marred with poor camera position and loud audience banter, both of which were soon remedied

Next up, Heavy Boxes played a subdued set at Kate Bush, with the highlight being a duet on "Don't Give Up" with Evan and Melanie performing the song in a revolving embrace, with only the featured singer visible during each part. You can see that here.

Hayward Bluegrass then took the stage as Journey, playing a set of the band's favorites with a down-home twist, Neil"Sherm" Schoen tearing it up on guitar, and Stevie "KP" Perry laying it down on lead vocal.

Things began to heat up with the next two acts, the twin eighties assault of Mr. Shankly as XTC and The Arch Viles as the Clash, with Jon Singer shredding on guitar, bass, and vocals in both. With Adel and Liza absent this year, the celebrity quotient lay with Mr. Shankly's drummer, who played in The Romantics as well as The Elvis Brothers (with guitarist Rob Newhouse, also in this band). A whole ton of folks came in just to see them and they did not dissappoint. Jon wins the award for most difficult bass line of the evening with "Mayor of Simpleton":

Next up was the Arch Viles as The Clash, who gave the room a smoking set including London Calling, The Magnificent 7, Janie Jones, and Guns of Brixton, complete with Hunter S. Thomson on bari sax. Wag was on the drums for the second of 3 times (with a 4th appearance on turntables).

Stay tuned for Part 2, which covers the three remaining acts, two spot on full concept experiences with Mean Ohio as the Stax Soul Review and Kid Million as The Beastie Boys, and of course a little Que Rico thrown in for good measure.


Alvy said...

Best 'Ween EVAH

quickdraw said...

My mind is still reeling from all the awesomeness.

Shanghai Shecky said...

i've seen simo in a lot of great getups. that Gallagher inspired whateverthefuck take the cake.

Simo said...

Funny that Tony B. and I both ended up with a Gallagher thing with no intention of doing so.

Tony B. said...

Agreed, it was a crazy Gallagher coincidence, but it's really an amalgamation of this classic Simon & Garfunkel look.

Simo said...

Yours, yes, mine more Tommy Shaw

I could have done a good bit on being Tommy Shaw as part of Journey, dang

The Hitmaker said...

Here's the reference on the Kate Bush/Gabriel duet: