Wednesday, May 26, 2010


Heatwave - Too Hot To Handle on

I've been kicking out some fashion jams for... um... Sears this week, and I was struck by how much one of them sounds like a lost Heatwave B-side. This unbelievable performance is dedicated to Biche, who loves him some Heatwave.

Oh yeah - the keyboard player, Rod Temperton, wrote some songs you may have heard of.


Jimmy Swingset said...

If I were you I would track down Mr. Temperton and have him help you sell Asterisk

Biche said...

Sears...Take Your Little Vest Off and Save!

Got The Disco Sweats? SEARS CAN HELP

Come Into SEARS For A Circle Dance of Savings!!

(and yes, I loves me some Heatwave, babies - get. on. board.
a1wAyz + f0r3v3r)

Tony B. said...

Too Hot. The ending was, uh, unexpected.

But the bass player totally validates my last two Que Rico costume choices.