Wednesday, February 23, 2011

01 and 10

So, the blahblahsphere is all atwitter about the new Radiohead record, The King of Limbs. I think it's about halfway good, sometimes boring, sometimes actually a bit annoying. But having listened to it a few times, I started thinking about In Rainbows, which I would contend is their best record end-to-end.

On one of my (somewhat frequent) trips down the e-rabbit hole, I stumbled across this rather compelling hypothesis that IR was made as a full-on companion piece to Ok Computer, and that if you feather the two sequences it gives you one mind-blowing bouquet of awesomeness.

I was real skeptical. Then I listened to it. Totally works.

Is it merely the product of one band making two similar-sounding records, or were the lads who Noel Gallagher famously dismissed as "fookin' students" really on some next-level secret squirrel shit?

Y'all can listen here if you like.

And just for whatevs, notice the 10s on the IR album cover?

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