Monday, March 9, 2009

Another Baby Themed Anecdote

So in the process of nesting and getting ready for Eva Jr., I've been having some great conversations with my mom. As you know, my mom was born in the Austrian countryside and my family is filled with do-it-yourselfers who live by the simple idea that if you really need it, you should make it yourself. This goes for food, clothing and even art. This particular tidbit truly underlines this ethos.

When I was a child my "security blanket" was a small pillow. I was obsessed with this pillow for a very long time and even took it to college with me. (Yes, a little weird). Last week, I found out that the pillow was made for me by my grandmother and grandfather and given to me at my birth. My grandmother stitched together the flowered fabric and my grandfather KILLED TWO GEESE IN THE BASEMENT AND USED THE PLUCKED FEATHERS TO STUFF IT. (Keep in mind that it was not Klagenfurt, Austria in 1940, but Chicago, IL 1970.)

Beat that Dr. Spock.


quickdraw said...

That is seriously hardcore. I love it.

Simo said...

Dang, how will you top that for EJ?

PS. The only thing anyone in my family ever made a was a phone call to order something or have it fixed, so its a wonderful quality!