Monday, March 30, 2009

Happy Birthday David!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

To celebrate, share your favorite David story. It could be a story he's told (there are many) or one that you experienced with him.


quickdraw said...

Happy Birthday, Daaaavit. I don't think I could re-tell it, but the Ice Cream Fever story makes my face and stomach hurt from laughing.

Simo said...

I met David for the first time when I was 15 and visiting Adel in the off-season. I was wowed by the big city, and Adel took me to the Belden Diner. I thought I had stumbled onto the Happy Days Set (though the secene actaully bore more resemblance to the Peach Pit, which wasn't created yet. We sat down to order when the door opened and the king of the scene entered, flanked by Riff and Brendan on either side (I think). David was wearing cuffed khakis (maybe jeans) with white socks and black loafers and some kind of letterman's jacket. That was almost 25 years ago.

the developher said...

In '95 or '96 we all went to prom night at the Empty Bottle. David had won a night at the Ambassador West (perhaps for selling the most lasagna). I think Red Red Meat's cover band played and we all dressed up in full prom regalia. I believe David went shirtless with just the tuxedo coat and trousers. David and I danced all night and then drunkenly caught a cab back to the hotel, singing along to the radio and laughing. I never stopped smiling the whole weekend.

Crescent said...

WHAT??? Happy Birthday little one!

Shanghai Shecky said...

happy bday alvo!
fav DAS stories all involve brilliant lines or comebacks that i couldn't possibly do justice retelling here. but someday:
Looks Like We Made It

and of course, many many evenings spent with Ursula.

Tony B. said...



I'm drawing a blank because I'm still at the Belden diner vis a vis simo's tale ... Happy Days Indeed.