Friday, July 24, 2009

Frontier Psychiatrist

I don't know how many other people know about The Avalanches (for a long time I was simply unaware of what was happening on the music scene, thanks in part to where I come from) so I may be preaching to the choir here...forgive me if so. I found out about them about 7 years ago on a road trip from Barcelona to the Pyrennes. A friend put on their one and only album (entitled Frontier Psychiatrist released in Australia in 2000) on the drive through the breathtaking mountains and I couldn't get enough of it. Word is, the album is comprised of about 3,500 vinyl samples (not to be confused with anything like Girl Talk). Until today, I didn't know they had also created music videos, so I was psyched to see this extremely literal translation of the song in video format. Enjoy. It's slightly repetetive at first, but it changes up at about 3:05.


Alvy said...

Never heard this stuff - it's fantastic! Downloading the album as we speak. And the video is surreal genius.

Excellent tip, QD!

quickdraw said...

Dudes, the name of the album is not Frontier's Since I Left You. Sorry! It's good stuff.