Friday, July 31, 2009

Show Review-Jackson Browne at Ravinia

In case you're wondering,The Jackson Browne Show at Ravinia last night was pretty much a snoozefest. I know you must be shocked to hear this. Though the visibly aging troubadour was in fine voice with a solid band and a pair of terrific backing vocalists, the show lagged, with over half of the setlist for the 2.5 hr show comprised of none too subtle political protest songs with truly horrific 7th grade level lyrics. We did get a good dose of classics including Already Gone, Late For the Sky, The Pretender, Running on Empty and of course The Load-Out at the very end. He jipped us out of Somebody's Baby.


Tony B. said...

No Lawyers in Love? My dad was always playing that song (album) in the car when was kids. We did *not* appreciate it then.

But, I'd feel jipped, too. How could he not have time for Somebody's Baby?

Crescent said...

Did he smack any bitches upside they smart mouths?

solucien said...


quickdraw said...

Wow! People are coming out of the woodwork for the JB review, Simo. For the record, Eric, Simo meant to say Take it Easy (most definitely JB's song) instead of Already Gone. Cool?

Crescent said...

What's happening?

Eric said...

Quickdraw –
Ok, so, yes, that was some sort of substitution of an Eagles’ song, and yes, I know that Take It Easy is his song (co-written with Glenn Frey). That review, though, was uninformed. I will grant that this review may represent the way he feels. HOWEVER, the review was sloppy and uninformed. Here was the setlist:
First Set:
1. I'm Alive
2. The Barricades Of Heaven
3. I'll Do Anything
4. Fountain Of Sorrow
5. Time The Conqueror
6. Off Of Wonderland
7. In The Shape Of A Heart
8. Too Many Angels
9. The Naked Ride Home
10. Take It Easy
Second Set:
11. Jamaica Say You Will
12. Doctor My Eyes - About My Imagination
13. Lives In The Balance
14. Going Down To Cuba
15. Just Say Yeah
16. Late For The Sky
17. The Late Show
18. For A Dancer
19. The Pretender
20. Running On Empty
21. I Am A Patriot - It's Your Thing
22. The Load Out – Stay
Please find for me the songs that show that “over half of the setlist for the 2.5 hr show [was] comprised of none too subtle political protest songs with truly horrific 7th grade level lyrics.” I count maybe 4. Good dose of classics? Again, I refer you to the setlist above. There are rarities, cuts from his new album, and yes, a small number of songs that might fit into what Simo seems to be calling “classics.”
Unfair, uninformed review.

Eric said...

Hey, censorship of contrary opinions! Way to go, guys! Interesting. Censorship. Think on that.

solucien said...


You have too much time on your hands( and this is coming from someone without a job). Get a grip


Eric said...

Heck of a blog, guys.

Simo said...

Eric, this is really a blog for a tight knit bunch of friends to have fun together. It's not intended as a public forum or in any way to be a fair, balanced, or unbiased view of things. I'm sure that there are plenty of credible reviews of this show and forums for discussion out there, but this ain't it for sure. I'm sorry that you stumbled upon us and take responsibility for not restricting access to private.

Simo said...

PS. I'm a Patriot and going down to Cuba are two of the worst songs I've ever heard, and if they didn't last over half the set, they sure seemed to

Alvy said...

The next time I want a review of a concert that I already saw, I will take my business elsewhere.

As Eric points out, there were ONLY FOUR "none too subtle political protest songs with truly horrific 7th grade level lyrics". I like those odds.

I don't see why those posts were removed, though. LE needs controversy!

Simo said...

I know, you're right. It wasn't the controversy, but a knee jerk paranoid reaction to seeing complete strangers in our midst and won't happen again no matter what.

quickdraw said...

Yeesh! That oughta teach ya, Simo.

Biche said...

It would seem that Simo's slanderous review has gotten our new friend, Eric, pissed.

I believe we need to inform Eric of the merits of putting his complaints, in writing, to Radiohead, i.e. The Get Pissed Hotline.

Welcome, Eric! (Unless you've been ejected, in which case, later for you, Bathead)

weazlmarie said...

just to say this is a PUBLIC forum and I did not say anything rude or crude. So why was my post deleted? Are you a communist?

Alvy said...

Weazlmarie is right!

Censorship sucks!

Almost as much as everything Jackson Browne has done since "Late For The Sky"!



Pat H. said...

Hate to admit it, the show was awful. Even my wife who is/was a Jackson Brown fan said she'd never pay to see him again. If he continues this level of entertainment maybe he should start doing local fests for free.