Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Tweets Of The Week

@jennyandteets Jenny Mollen
For every "hot" picture of herself a woman sends, there are 23 other shots where she looks exactly like her dad.

thesulk Alec Sulkin
So, civil engineers thought the population was finite? Make bigger roads, you dead idiots.

thesulk Alec Sulkin
Late night movie quiz for SERIOUS film buffs only. Name this movie: http://t.co/7ci6yHZ

JennyJohnsonHi5 Jenny Johnson
In preparation for my trip to Mexico today, I've spent the last 2 weeks letting my housekeeper spit in my mouth.

JennyJohnsonHi5 Jenny Johnson
It's not funny to laugh at Sex And The City 2, my grandpa died from it.

robcorddry rob corddry
Yes, we shoot in the same hospital where they shot Scrubs and it IS haunted... by the ghost of Zach Braff's appeal. #childrenshospital

Sports yelling! #sports

jennyandteets Jenny Mollen
It's like four days after u get ur period that u get cocky, think ur over it & start a game of Russian roulette w ur underwear.

JoshMalina Joshua Malina
My gentle, folksy humor can be annoying as shit. -- Mark Twain

If you really need fast cash, 5 minutes of fondling Kenny Roger's downy white scrotum is going for $10,014 on the World Dare Exchange.

davidcho David Cho
Person I Hate The Most: Everyone on Yelp ever

MJMcKean Michael McKean

I was going to pitch a Spitzer-Weiner Odd Couple dinner theater tour this summer, but they're really both Felixes.

RealGilbert Gilbert Gottfried
What did one maggot say to the other maggot? "I can't believe I'm eating #MarilynMonroe 's pussy!"

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