Saturday, December 22, 2007

Nerd Fun

This is an amusing, challenging vocabulary test to waste some time with.
Words are neat, after all.

It's also, weirdly but happily, a mechanism for raising money for the UN to fight hunger. (Every word you identify correctly = 20 grains of rice contributed.)

I know some super-geeks who have scored as high as 50. That's way outta my league.
Shall we have a little contest, Lake Effecters?

I'll get us started: 42.


Alvy said...

I got 46 and donated 1400 grains of rice. Problem is, I had more than that for dinner tonight.

Tony B. said...

the best i could do is 43. And yeah, it's midnight, saturday.

The Hitmaker said...

44, but I'll tell you: at the end, I understood neither the word in question nor the answers!

The DevelopHer said...

also stalled at 43, but I'm not giving up. It's like my version of Las Vegas.

The DevelopHer said...

okay, tried it again today. Topping out at 45.