Monday, December 3, 2007

Pretend it Matters

Clearly life is a little less entertaining with the Singers on their Grand Tour. So how about we pass the time with a lake effects presidential poll? Ok, good.

If you lived in Iowa - and it were January - besides being really depressed, and possibly more polite, you'd have the chance to vote in some crazy caucus thing for president ... and thus exercise inordinate influence over who our next Supreme Leader will be.

and if that were all true: Who would you vote for today?

Kucinich, Gravel and even Ron Paul are acceptable (if pointless) choices.

Al Gore is not, dammit. He's not on the ballot.


Simo said...

the fella you got pictured

Tony B. said...

Yeah, that's how I'd vote, though sometimes i'm not sure why exactly, other than it would be "really cool".

Is that reason enough?

That said, it's time I admit I post things mostly because I find a great picture to go with it. Now you know.

The Hitmaker said...

For me, it would be a close call between Kucinich and Obama.

quickdraw said...

I'd have to go with Obama as well, but like Tony B., not totally sure why other than the coolness factor.

Shanghai Shecky said...


ekm said...

Guys, he's not just "cool"! He's smart, principled, thoughtful and talks to citizens as though they might understand something. Other than Kucinich, he's the only one to whom these descriptors apply. That's the view from here, anyway.

Tony B. said...

Ok, "Cool" was a poor choice, though I was thinking of this guys writing when I said that.

Heard a little of the Dem debate yesterday, and they all sounded decent honestly - Obama certainly was good enough for me, but not necessarily head and shoulders above everyone else, if you were coming at him skeptical ... as some will be in the general election.

But maybe that's plenty to win?

Biche said...

If I'm feelin' winny, the irishman, O'Bama.

If I'm feelin' fuck-youey, Kooch.

The DevelopHer said...

I like my candidates like i like my coffee - tall.