Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Second Place

Since I am too saddened by it to publish/link the grossest picture of the year (Portuguese-face-tumor-guy), here's a set of steak knives.

And no, David, it ain't fake. Everyone knows that the Kaohsiung Zoo doesn't have Photoshop. And even if he did, that's the zookeepers mouse-hand (lefty!).
(props to Brooke Myers for this; woot woot!!)


Shanghai Shecky said...

new gatorade?

Alvy said...

"I'm too saddened by it" is some hippy-dippy, Rachel-esque bullshit.

I will now spend the next 20 minutes googling "Portugese Face Tumor".

Tony B. said...

Biche, it's ok to be en-saddened by some horribly disfigured portuguese chap.

The DevelopHer said...

Taste that hand Myers!!!

Biche said...

thanks, tony.

and if ANYONE is hippy-dippy, it's the guy getting his creative writing degree in vermont.

Alvy said...

We college students know an EXTREME picture when we see it, man.

Go ahead - hide your head in the sand! Too radical for ya, huh?

DO THE DEW!!! Generation Y 4eva!!!!