Thursday, March 17, 2011


Me at Jack White Mobile Record Store: "A bear claw and a smoothie, please." Jack: "We don't have that." Me: "Okay, just coffee." #DagSXSW

Just punched the lead singer of Jet in the jaw. Does that count as 'SXSW Interactive'? #DagSXSW

OMG you guys, Austin food is AMAZING. Having some incredible Tex-Mex chimp kabobs at Buenas Nachos on 6th and Pecos. DM me! #DagSXSW

Had a nice conversation with the owner of LadyPlace, a shop that sells cool, exotic beads for women's leg hair. SO Austin!! #DagSXSW

The David Foster keynote address is DRAGGING. Another Celine story? Tell me about the Cetera/Chicago split, already. #DagSXSW

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