Wednesday, March 16, 2011

SXSW Done Right

Chicago musician Dag Juhlin is Tweeting from Chicago and pretending to be at the industry clustercuss know as SXSW. Enjoy:

HELP! Need a ride to the Juggalo picnic. Hotel shuttle won't take me there. Anyone? DM me! Thanks! #DagSXSW

If McGrath blows as much as a single lyric at tonight's Sugar Ray reunion gig, this town is going to go APESHIT! #DagSXSW

Just got a sneak preview of the new Strokes tune, "We Have Given Up Looking For New Ways To Pound This Shit Out". Fun song! #DagSXSW

AWESOME! Just scored a ticket to the Jeremy Piven/AXE body Spray Pre-Party Vodka Brunch, with a plus one! DM me! #DagSXSW

Great showcase gig: Noblesse Obese, Ich Bin Ein Airliner, Accident Pants, Kill Me Before I Love Again, and The Fancy Twats. #DagSXSW

Quick, we need bassist for new band, Rachel Ray Vaughan. We do blues songs about easy to prepare meals. Gig 2nite! DM me! #DagSXSW

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