Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Listen Here

On Friday night, I was lucky enough to have my face melted off by The Love Language.

TLL are a group of young people from Raleigh, NC. The mastermind of the operation is one Stuart McLamb, who can be seen riding a bicycle in the photo above. The songs on their two wonderful albums are brilliant in their shambolic formalism, with debts to Phil Spector and Bob Pollard in equal amounts. This guy is seriously a MONSTER.

While the band is one person's vision, its live iteration is something to behold - terrific singing and playing, incredibly deft arrangements, and actual fun without a whit of self-importance.

Anyone unfortunate enough to spend significant time around me has doubtless been forced to listen to my endless pontificating about their amazingness, but now I encourage you to listen for yourself.

Go to a show. Buy the records.

The Love Language: "This Blood Is Our Own" and "Brittany's Back"

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