Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Tweets Of The Week

MarylandMudflap Scotty L.
I was feeling depressed all day & then I saw a guy in a RiK Smits jersey drinkin Malibu out of a watermelon & I was like: Be cool, hot shot.

wolfpupy wolf puppy
hello @petsmart i emailed you my blueprints for a new kind of dog. still no response

JennyJohnsonHi5 Jenny Johnson
If you don't shave or wax your pubes and you wear panty hose with no underwear, your crotch looks like Vlade Divac robbing a gas station.

andylevy Andy Levy

If Morgan Freeman's such a great actor, how come he only plays black guys?

JimNorton Jim Norton
When I heard Amy Winehouse died, I was as shocked as the next profoundly retarded person.

1 comment:

Simo said...

Fantatsic. The Gary Shandling one from a couple back is my fave