Monday, November 3, 2008

Another Entry for the Outrage Scrapbook

Having just completed several hours of phone banking, I have a few things to convey to the residents of the great state of Colorado.

First off, if you support John McCain, fine. Alternately, if you're a certifiable moron who is still undecided, there's little I can do now to remedy this condition.

However, if you are a registered Democrat and avowed supporter of Barack Obama and you yell at me and berate me when I call, saying you have received "lots" or "10" or "12" calls asking for your vote and to never call again, I do have a response:

1. Be glad your vote means something. You can get pissed at the unpaid volunteers who are hustling to get you to the polls or you can be thankful that you live in a state that grants you the power to affect the outcome of an historic election.

2. If you really think receiving a dozen phone calls is too onerous a burden for a democratic citizen to bear, you probably shouldn't be one.

3. Fuck you very much.

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fanniepak said...


One caller sitting next to me at the phone bank center I went to got a Pennsylvania woman who said she wouldn't vote for Obama because he was "colored" and would be "prejudiced" in office.