Monday, November 3, 2008

Wow, all the acts delivered incredible performances at The Lake Effect Halloween Rock & Roll Masquerade. I've heard that the show was well documented and will send things around as I receive them. I was able to get this one myself and think that EKM and Mizz Magee will get a kick out of it. Great Job everyone!


quickdraw said...

Anyone else up for making this an annual thing? What a mind-blowing blast all around!

Simo said...

I am!

Some year it would be fun to do a mash-up edition-where you're playing one band's music in another band's style:
Van Waylon
Blood, Sweat, and Tears for Fears
That sort of thing. Maybe too cerebral?

Crescent said...

Holy balls was that a fun night. I'm hoping to get in on the action next time!

ekm said...

Thanks, Simo! I'd been squinting at Biche's camera to see his mini-videos, but this is much better! Looks so fun!

mizz magee said...

you guys rule my tits. wish i was there.