Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Lake Effect Poll

In case you missed it, this was the Reader cover the day after the election. Lake Effectors, how does it strike you? I had an angry kneejerk reaction when I first saw it-it seemed needlessly negative and cynical, especially the morning after the election.


David said...

Naturally, I didn't find it too cynical. I think that the focus needs to move from the self-congratulatory ("We Did It! We're So Progessive"!!) to the pragmatic.

What is the agenda giong to be? Will he really be a centrist? The success of Prop 8 in CA shows us how far we have to go - and by the way, our President-Elect is AGAINST gay marriage.

Either way, the Reader sucks.

Tony B. said...

It doesn't help that the drawing really does suck.

But since you mention it - c'mon - he's two months away from actually becoming president! I think you do, at least, get a week or two to enjoy the moment. It's got less to do with any self-congratulatory sentiment, instead it's taking the time to acknowledge what has taken place.

the developher said...

Though I don't totally disagree with the sentiment, I think it's vintage Reader - snarky, negative and melodramatic - like a aging, unsuccessful, jaded artist (like much of their staff.)

Over the last decade, our so called counter-culture has sustained itself on sour-grapes and self-loathing. This cover reeks of this empty ethos.

The real challenge is not for Obama; I think he's capable and well aware of the job ahead. The real challenge is what he has posed to the American people over and over again - we are part of the change, we must do it together. He will no longer let us angrily point our fingers at one man or a select few. As Americans, we are all responsible for what happens next and quite frankly I like that.

Fuck The Reader.

Tony B. said...

Brava! Well said, Eva!

(Actually it's more like a New City cover, which is the real problem.)

ekm said...

I totally agree with Eva. The expectations that people heap on this one person, regardless of his office, are a bit much. Part of what people found compelling about Obama was his repeated insistence upon the value and import of democratic participation (there's that damn community organizing again), which means we can't just look to him alone to solve our problems. Yes, the president of the United States bears great responsibility but so do those of us who felt excited and galvanized by his presidency. I've actually felt slightly bad for the guy recently because people want him to be the messiah and he is just a man.

the developher said...

Ella's last words made me think of this
and this

Tony B. said...

DFK - what was your translation of a Greek newspaper's Nov 5th headline?

"American elects Black Messiah"?

Also, how about this for a good, fantastical guide:


Biche said...

Obama is already centrist in his opposition to gay marriage, so there's one answer to your question, alvy.

The other answer is unanimous: fuck da reader and that cover.