Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Alvy's House of Style

I think Obama should grow a moustache.

BTW - I photoshopped that one from a Selleck photo. I shit you not.


The DevelopHer said...

That's like "Old Man" Obama.

Have we had a president with a 'stash?

Tony B. said...

Based on 4 minutes of research, there hasn't been POTUS with a 'stash since ...
William H. Taft

Alvy said...

He may have also been the last President with a FUPA.

The Hitmaker said...

Teddy Roosevelt + Taft = back-to-back superstaches.
I think if Obama grew the stache, he'd also have to start wearing sixguns.
btw, how baked does one have to be to start photoshopping Selleck's mustache onto Obama photos?

Shanghai Shecky said...

to answer the hitmaker: baked enough to think it up, but NOT so baked that you 1) lack the drive to do it or 2) lack the technical skills to push little buttons.

p.s. i think he should start talking like daniel day-lewis in TWBB.

The Hitmaker said...

Hilarious. It's a delicate baking balance.
I had the misfortune of seeing that movie this weekend. I think it could have been 30 minutes long instead of 150+. I can hear Obama, though, saying through the stache, "This is my son, H.W., and we'd like to hunt quail on your ranch. . . no, thank you, we'll cook our own food."

Eva Yusa said...

Get off TWBB! I loved that movie. Very stark. Very scary. Great themes about the ambition of man and of course how good people can be at raising a family.

Eva Yusa said...

Also, I think if JFK had some facial hair he wouldn't have been assasinated.

Simo said...

I really liked the film too, though it did not live up to my prediction as best movie of all time.
I had two main issues:
1.Jonny Greenwood'd The soundtrack was completely overbearing to the point of distraction.
2.DDL must have studied soundbites from Sean Connery for weeks on end in order to sound EXACTLY like him

The Hitmaker said...

A few things:
1) I love Eva's mustache-protection theory.
2) Maybe the movie just bummed me out too much, and I might differ in movie tastes from other Lake Effecters (-ors?).
3) The Connery factor was almost off the charts. I kept waiting for him to say, "Suck it, Trebek!"
4) Why didn't your buddy JBrion do the soundtrack? Didn't he do them for the guy's other films?
5) I love that the Obama-Selleck Mustache post is setting the record for most comments.
6) There's some Yosemite Sam in the Photoshopped image's celebrity mix.

Shanghai Shecky said...

TWBB: agree that the score sucked. agree that DDL sounded like Connery (and John Huston in Chinatown). thought the themes of the movie were meh. i mean, oil and greed can destroy you? really? i thought it would be either a) more complex or b) so exaggeratedly stark that it resonate as hyper-real. it was neither.

Biche said...

Sadly, Pres. Garfield already proved the mustache-protection theory to be full of holes.