Sunday, January 13, 2008

Life is a Cabaret, old chums

A Ukulele cabaret to be exact. Grab a uke and join us, Lake Effecters, for the inaugural outing just after Valentines Day on Saturday, February 16. Where? you guessed it, Silvies. The theme of course will be songs of betrayal and heartbreak...oh, and lust. OK, just for you, we'll throw in LOVE too.

The Guidelines:
1. Each act may play up to three songs (at least one of which should relate to the theme)
2. A uke should be played in each song, other instruments are welcome and encouraged
3. bonus points for theatricality- costumes, props, skits, beatboxes, whatever

Tony and Simo will be hosting the evening. It could be kind of like our own Lake Effect talent show plus some! If you don't yet play the uke, take it from me, its simple to learn and very inexpensive too (from $30 at Andy's.)

So don't delay, put those winter doldrums to work and scare up a song or two.
Hope to see you there.


The Hitmaker said...

I'm in! This is a great idea.

Shanghai Shecky said...

agreed that it's a great idea. i hope to be there with a ukelelelelelelele

The DevelopHer said...

I will be making my musical debut - somehow