Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Holy Merde!

La Machines de l'Lile
“A team of machine builders have set up their workshop in the industrial warehouses of the former shipyards, at the heart of the Ile de Nantes. The designers let their imaginations roam from the treetops to the savannah to the ocean depths, building a bestiary of living machines that escape the confines of the workshop to populate this area under redevelopment. The Great Elephant, the Marine Worlds and the Heron Tree are urban sculptures open to the public. Like doors to the world of dreams and magical journeys, they give this area a mysterious feel harking back to the time when it was the starting point for vessels setting out to travel the world”

WOW. I mean WOW.


Uke Cabaret said...

Supercool. I assume its the same folks who brought us this:


Biche said...

It's a big fucking metal elephant, it's fucking AWEsome!

Tony B. said...

What if the french sell it to Iran?
We must create an army of our own, immediately.

Biche: After your D&D reference i was sort of hoping you'd mention the movie Dark Crystal, or something.

The Hitmaker said...

That is truly awesome! And yes, I was just going to ask about that giant girl doll thing. So cool. Was the giant girl in Asia?
Can we get something like this going here?

The Hitmaker said...

p.s. - This totally has a Lord of the Rings, War on Gondor oliphant vibe....

Simo said...

Intonation 2008
Giant Creepy Dolls and Prehistoric Robots?

The Giant Girl Doll thing was Belgium, I believe, or France