Friday, January 4, 2008

Barack OBollywood

Owing to this blog's well-known love of Indian musical numbers ... i present:

Probably won't help him in the South, though.


The DevelopHer said...

I really hated that.

And now I must go on record:

That Bollywood-style grates on my nerves. I just don't dig it at all. I don't think the parodies are funny (okay, I liked the Fandango bag thing - maybe, a lot.) BUT in general It's just too much jangle-y dancing! Damn kids!

Tony B. said...

I do not disagree. This video is deeply creepy.

Shanghai Shecky said...

also totally agree. don't get the bollywood thing. don't think it's funny, it's DEFINITELY not good, and the kitsch of it is lost on me. the English should never have left.

The Hitmaker said...

So, am I the only one that loves this?