Friday, January 11, 2008

I Just Wanna Stop and Eat a Banana

Adel just commented below that I had some Gino Viteli (I'm thinking he meant Gino Vanelli) in my DNA. And that, of course, reminded me of this:


The DevelopHer said...

OMG!!!! I fucking LOVE this song!! It's one of my favorites of all time!!!!

Biche said...

ROTFL!! (go to yahoo games and ask someone there if you aren't hip; but don't ask luke, he's pretty aggressive when playing backgammon)

also, if simo has Vanelli in his mix, then Vanelli' mix is 48% Simo and 48% the Hitmaker and 2% that early vj, mark goodman (search for his orig pic; his current one is weird, and the one with hall & oates has way too much oates)

The Hitmaker said...

So weird and yet dope.
I do love the song. I have a great cover of it somewhere, done in the 90s by a smooth R&B guy.... I'll try to find it.
So, when Simo and I have a kid, he'll look like this?