Tuesday, January 8, 2008

A Challenge

As you can see by the onslaught of posts penned by yours truly, I've got a lot of ideas today for Lake Effect. Now I put forth this challenge:

I propose a photo contest to declare the cutest pet for 2008. Entries must be of pets owned by Lake Effecters or photos of pets taken by Lake Effecters. (You can't just go to some LOL Cat site). The cutest pet will win Miss/Mr. Beauty Pet 2008. The winner's duties will included public speaking opportunities, charity events and used car lot openings. To enter, you must post photos on Lake Effect once a week for each category. We will all then vote on winners and then tabulate the cumulative scores for the official 2008 winner.

The first category is Beauty and Posture. Along with your photo, please include a short introduction on the contestant. Gook luck!

1 comment:

Simo said...

this picture is just wrong. It looks like one of those camp/vaudeville skits where one person's hands are doing the front persons legs.