Friday, January 18, 2008


Here's the Wellington International Ukulele Orchestra playing Hey Ya.
I'm quite sure that Brett from Flight of the Conchords is second from left


the developher said...

That is totally the guy from that theoretically funny FOTC show!!!!

Tony B. said...

Oh this is the sheet right here. Good stuff - great for a mass sing along!

And hey, ya, they even show the chords right in the video - it's like they want us to do it, too.

The Hitmaker said...

Very cute!
1) It is definitely Brett. (Not like the faux-Jemaine sighting some people had at Le Reve in Vegas)
2) FOTC are much funnier when they just play their songs on stage--I'll burn the HBO One Night Stand appearance for Alvy & the Developher. Seeing that also makes the show funnier.
3) How upset would all y'all be if I hate "Hey Ya"?