Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Mexicali Ear Ache

Liza got water in her ears in Mexico. A nice family sitting near us saw our various attempts for relieving her discomfort (jumping up and down on each foot, Q-tips, heavy drinking).

They suggested a hot clove of garlic wrapped in gauze in each ear. They spoke fluent Spanish and asked the kitchen for the same. The results--not good. The pictures---hilarious.

also: we found a hieroglyphic of Liza's malady and the treatment itself. Bizarre.


The DevelopHer said...

I hate that ear water thing! Liza looks miserable, yet beautifully tan. I look like that today at the office, but pale and flakey.

Alvy said...

I believe that can give you what they call "Mexican Stank Ear".

Also potential for "Mexican Marriage Face".