Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Women of Gravitas Smackdown 08: It's On Now, Bitches!

Poet Maya Angelou has come out in support of Hillary.

The Clinton campaign is featuring the esteemed poet in a new radio commercial featuring her distinctive and captivating voice.

Says Angelou:

“As a child, Hillary Clinton was taught that all God’s children are equal, so as a mother she understood that her child wasn’t safe unless all children were safe.

I know what kind of president Hillary Clinton will be because I know who she is. Hillary Clinton has always been a strong woman and a passionate protector of families. For 35 years, that’s exactly what she has been doing.

Each generation of African Americans stands on the shoulders of those who came before. Today, the challenges facing us threaten the dreams we have had for our children. We need a president with the experience and strength to meet those challenges.

I am inspired by Hillary Clinton’s commitment and courage — a daughter, a wife, a mother — my girl.”


Shanghai Shecky said...

my girl????

i so wish Teddy Kennedy had called Obama "my boy."

Biche said...

Looks like Bill C. is enjoying his annual prostate check, over there in the background...

WOGS 08 fever...catch it, bitchez!

But the question is begged, which WOG will support Edwards?

Cicely Tyson?
Gayle King?
Bella Abzug? (jew=color to some folks. even though she dead)
Barbara Jordan?
That lady from Touched By an Angel?